Profile of the new Burchardkai Managing Director

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Profile of the new Burchardkai Managing Director

Andreas Hollmann has taken on management of the CTB. He aspires to being “open, present and approachable” in his new position.

“Burchardkai has some obvious strengths: its size, its location, its equipment and the experience of its employees,” says Andreas Hollmann. The 51-year-old assumed management of the Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) on 1 June. He has also been appointed Managing Director of Operations. In this position, he will oversee the further development of the organisational structure and operational processes at the HHLA container terminals in Hamburg and in Odessa.

Harmonising the processes at the Hamburg container terminals is nothing new for Hollmann. Soon after joining HHLA as Head of Executive Board Projects in April 2016, he was made N4 programme manager, which involved introducing the Navis software N4 as the new operating system to be rolled out at the container terminals. “I’m glad the N4 project gave me a good insight into HHLA’s processes and systems,” says Hollmann.

Hollmann, who trained as a shipping agent (“Schifffahrtskaufmann”) and subsequently studied industrial engineering, has had various managerial positions since 1995, starting his management career with the shipping company Sea-Land and going on to work for the Danish global market leader Maersk when it acquired Sea-Land. 

During his time with Maersk, he acquired valuable terminal expertise and spent two years working as a consultant to Asian and European terminals – both for facilities belonging to the Maersk terminal subsidiary APMT and for other companies’ terminals. In the course of his career, the new CTB Managing Director has worked in a number of different places, including Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Singapore.

He joined HHLA last year because he was keen to get into terminal work and because, after twelve years abroad, he and his family wanted to return to Germany. “I plan to go around the Burchardkai terminal with my eyes and ears open because I want to understand how everything works and why things are done the way they are, rather than trying to introduce ready-made solutions,” says Hollmann. “Thereby my aim is to be open, present and approachable. The staff can and should talk to me because things can only be improved once issues are out in the open.”


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